Colour Party

This is an opportunity to have some fun with your friends and do something bit different in a relaxed informal atmosphere which is also informative.

At a colour party each person will find out their dominant colours. Each person will then get an understanding of how their colouring affects the clothes and make-up they wear.

£55-60 per person depending on numbers.

Each participant will get a 30 colour fabric swatch to take way.

Style Party

At a style party each person will learn their style personality and how to choose the best styles and fabrics for their body shape.

Each person will get a 28 page style booklet to take away.

£55-60 per person depending on numbers.

Seasonal Update Party

At a seasonal update party each person will find which of the season’s colours and styles suit their colouring, and body shape. Everyone will leave with some ideas for updating their wardrobe and keeping it current regardless of budget.

A seasonal style update booklet is included

£25 per person

Colour and Style parties

Colour and Style parties

30 colour fabric swatch

30 colour fabric swatch

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