Colour Analysis

Are you unclear about what colours suit you best? Do you often find yourself sticking to the same old colours? Would you like to wear more colours but are not sure what works for you?
There are a range of colours that suit your natural colouring. You will get a wallet of the colours that suit you best to help you when you are shopping.


During colour analysis Frances will ask you about your lifestyle, the clothes you wear and what you wear them for. She will also ask about your favourite shops and how you feel about shopping for clothes. Make up will also be covered (if you wear it) as this plays an important part in making the most of your colouring. Frances will look at the combination of your skin ,hair and eyes and explain to you what this means to the way you wear colour.


Frances will show you which neutral colours work best for you and show you how to enhance them with accent colours to create impact. Make up will also be covered and demonstrated using colours that suit you. You will leave looking wonderful and with a list of make up colours that suit you and help you replicate the look.

You will also leave with a wallet of 42 fabric swatches with some tips on how best to wear them and how to use the swatches when shopping.

What you can expect from a colour consultation?

  • An understanding of your dominant colour palette
  • A make up makeover in your colours with tips on how to get the look yourself.
  • An understanding of how some colours look better on you than others
  • How to wear and mix your colour palette
  • How to make existing clothes in your wardrobe work for you.
  • Where to get the best colours to suit you this season
  • £100 per person approx. 2 hours

    Colour analysis

    Colour analysis

    Style Analysis

    Do you find it difficult to buy clothes that suit you? Do you feel stuck in a rut? Do you want to wear current clothes that make you look elegant and stylish without being a slave to fashion. A style consultation is not about your size but about your body shape and proportions. At a style consultation you will learn what styles flatter your silhouette. You will also learn how to put together styles that suit your lifestyle and personality.

    A work- book with individual tips specific to you will be yours to take away.

    At a style consultation your style personality will be determined this will be done by undertaking a fun magazine style quiz which will ascertain your likes and dislikes when it comes to wearing clothes as well as what you want to achieve from your style consultation. Your body shape and proportions will then be discussed and Frances will advise you about the best styles, fabrics and cuts to enhance your best features and disguise areas you are less happy with.

    Frances will ask you to bring several outfits to the style consultation some that you wear often and are happy with and one that you are less happy with and rarely or never wear. This is so that Frances can work with you and help you put into practice what you have learned during the style consultation and help you to avoid making expensive mistakes in the future as well as learning how to make items in your current wardrobe work well for you.

    What you can expect from a Style Consultation

    • How to select styles and fabric that flatter your body shape
    • How to use clothes to enhance your best features and disguise the ones you are less happy with
    • How to express your personality through your clothes.
    • How to avoid expensive mistakes
    • How to ensure your wardrobe works hard for you.
    • How to ensure you dress confidently and stylishly no matter what the situation.

    £100 per person approx. 2 hours

    Style analysis

    Style analysis

    Image Analysis

    The full image consultation is the ultimate package for a complete make over. Do you feel you would like to develop a whole new you? Maybe you’ve recently had a job or lifestyle change. Or maybe you simply feel stuck in a rut and want to project your best self.

    The full image consultation combines all the key aspects of the colour and style consultation combined.

    This includes Colour analysis to suit your natural colouring, a make up make over and advice about the best shades to suit your colouring . Your style personality, discovering what you love and what you will never wear, an assessment of your body shape and proportions and advive about what styles and fabrics suit you best.

    All of this will be tailored to you and your specific lifestyle and needs to give you the information and advice you need to dress with confidence for your working life, home life and any occasion.

    What a full image consultation includes

    • A full colour analysis of the colours that suit you best and how to wear them. Please see Colour analysis for more details
    • A 42 colour fabric swatch to help you choose colours when shopping.
    • A full style consultation of the fabrics and styles that suit you best as well as how to dress to suit your personality and lifestyle. Please see Style consultation for more details.
    • A twenty-eight page work-book which is personalised detailing your body proportions, scale and shape.
    • A make-up lesson detailing the best make-up for your colouring and application techniques. Please see make up lesson for more information.
    • A make-up work book detailing which make-up to put where.

    £220 per person per 4 hour consultation

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